Pastor Roy Emmons

Pastor Emmons was not raised in the church; however, he remembers as a young man that he had a hunger to know God.  He was born in Santa Monica, CA to parents that were hard working business people.  His mom and dad wanted a better life for their family, so they moved out of the big city to a country life in Northern Ca.  His dad and mom owned a mom and pop gas station and restaurant in Bella Vista, CA.  He grew up helping around the family business; pumping gas and washing windows back when gas was 25 cents a gallon and times were not so complicated.  When he was a teenager, a man came along and offered him more money to work in construction, than his dad was paying, so he opted to leave the station for greener pasture.  Often, he has said he should have stayed pumping gas for his dad!  God knows how to lead a hungry heart right into the truth though.   Life had some twists and turns for him and he soon found himself down in the bay area working hard, living hard and going nowhere; feeling empty in his soul.  He says the first time he went to an Apostolic church was just to win favor with his now wife; that he endearingly calls “Shuggie.”  He had been to a few churches, so it didn’t seem like it would be any new thing; but this was a different experience than he had ever imagined.  It was in Sunnyvale, Ca and the people were running the isles, shouting hallelujah and being Pentecostal.  When church was over, he admitted that what he felt was very real but that he would never act like those people!  Six months later while in another church in Vallejo CA., something got a hold of him that broke that spirit of pride and he found himself sliding down a wall and laying on the floor; speaking in tongues, never again to be the same man.   He and his new wife moved to Phoenix, AZ.  He sat under Pastor Ray Brown for about 15 years, then started a home missions church in Peoria AZ.  Several people were baptized there and filled with the Holy Ghost, but God had another plan for him.  His dad was up in years and he had promised him that he would be there for him when his time was near.  He kept his word to his dad and he felt God was in it.  He moved to Bella Vista and took care of his dad until he passed in 2012.  Before he died, Bro Ray Brown went to CA and baptized his dad in his bathtub in the name of Jesus, we will always love Bro Brown for that and the truth that he preached into brother Emmons.    We moved around after that for several years helping different churches, evangelizing and establishing good friends with precious like faith.  One of his fondest memories was the time he spent in Guam; with good Apostolic preachers and missionaries.  This was an experience that gave bro Emmons a love for the missions.  When we returned from that trip, we ended up in Northern NV, where we met brother Neumann.  He pastors in Sparks NV. And very quickly we struck up a kinship with him and his wife.  We admired their love for truth, their selflessness; which is a breath of fresh air in this present world we live in.  Bro Neumann has a burning desire and vision to see churches planted in Northern NV where there are several cities without a Jesus name church.  We soon caught the same burden for these cities; while we were praying for direction from God, things just fell into place and doors began to open for us in Fernley NV.  Bro Emmons’s desire is to see people change their lives the way God changed his, and to teach the Apostles doctrine to people that are tired of this world and have a willing heart to follow Jesus in spirit and truth.  There is no better way to live than to be baptized in the name of Jesus and filled with His spirit; living an overcoming life.